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Who will replace Barbara Boxer and Feinstein?

SFist claims that Newsom and Harris are “respected.”

Not sure by who. But the cookie cutter mold seems to be in place that either of these two consummate mediocrities will be the new Jerry Brown, the new DiFi or the new Barbara Boxer.

Hopefully, they will become neither senator nor governor. But one shudders to think what mediocrity will assume these august positions, even if these two are shot down and sent back to (highly profitable) private life.

Gavin and first wife Kimberly, a former lingerie model who used him to move on to better things, tried to style themselves as the new Kennedys.

How well did that work?

Columnist Leah Garchik floats above the crowds, flitting from one elite party to another. This is why the San Francisco Chronicle kept her on while firing all of its investigative reporters.

The New Kennedys



Recology and Daly City: “I don’t think Gavin Newsom serves in our community,” she said.

Recology is quite the puppetmaster!

“I don’t think Gavin Newsom serves in our community,” she said.

The insolence of this woman is incredible.

Gavin Newsom has served Recologys financial interests steadfastly over the years, allowing them to raise rates substantially (as has puppet Mayor Ed Lee, his successor), and Newsom needs that huge campaign contribution for when he runs for governor.