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Amazing saga: “How a crypto pioneer lost $1 million to the Gavin Newsom recall”

This is a must read!

Rescue California, the recall committee helmed by Republican consultants, is facing a $1 million lawsuit filed by a deep-pocketed Bitcoin pioneer stemming from the last, failed attempt to boot Newsom from office in late 2021.

Jesse Powell, a founder and chair of Kraken, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is accusing Rescue and the group’s current and former operators of deceiving him to raise eleventh-hour dollars into the committee. When Powell demanded they send it back to him, arguing the money was conditioned on his name staying out of the public eye, they refused, channeling it into advertisements that consultants collected commissions on. Rescue’s lawyers counter that Powell didn’t suffer damages.

Gavin Newsom never went into treatment for alcoholism as claimed; now it turns out he was not a baseball player.

But former coaches and teammates said that biography, repeated again and again through interviews and glossy magazine profiles and coverage of his 2021 baseball-themed children’s book on overcoming dyslexia, has inflated Newsom’s baseball credentials, giving the impression that he was a more accomplished player than he was.

Most notably, Newsom never played an official game for Santa Clara University; he was a junior varsity recruit who played only during the fall tryouts his freshman and sophomore years, then left the baseball program before the regular season began. He does not appear on the Broncos’ all-time roster or in media guides published by the athletic department to preview the upcoming season.