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Does Gavin Newsom have the guts to fight for single payer?

Writing in The Sacramento Bee, Sophia Bollag wrtes that Melissa Michelson, a political science professor at Menlo College maintains:

“I think we all anticipate that he plans to run for president,” Michelson said. “He’s got that whole second term as governor to build up those credentials, and it’s going to be those things that are recent that are top of voters’ minds… Unless a more progressive candidate is going to challenge him and make hay of this, it’s going to go through the 24-hour news cycle, and we’re all going to forget about it.”

Since taking office, Newsom has done noting about single payer. That has everything to do with the fact that his social class does not have to worry about school closings (they can afford private tutors), health care (they have plenty of money for insurance and treatments) or abortions — rich people have always been able to have them.

Their concern is to maintain their class privilege. To do this, they will avow socially liberal policies while dragging their heel and making lame excuses.

Aborton protesters in San Francisco