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Gavin Newsom offers bold leadership (or so he says)!

According to a recent article on SFGATE, Gavin Newsom has “the support of 31 percent of registered voters.”

This is hardly a mandate, as so many people neither register nor vote.

While equally-vapid and corporate interest-obsequious Villaraigosa “has support from about two-thirds of the state’s Latino voters”, he has done little to deserve this support.

“On high-speed rail, one of the governor’s signature issues, Newsom argued that while he supported the original plan, he has real concerns with the proposed rail system as it’s now proposed.”

Newsom simply is not giving any hint of what his views are on the disastrous imbroglio that is “high speed” rail.

Not only is this unlikely to ever get built (given the protests from wealthy landowners). it will also be extremely expensive.

What is needed instead is socialized, subsidized service that will allow people to travel at affordable rates around the states, with frequent service.

Providing very expensive but “faster” service to those of Gavin Newson’s class is simply bonkers!

“I’m not timid,” Newsom maintains.

That is correct: He has been very active in answering to the needs of the mega wealthy, their business interests, foundations and “nonprofits.”