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Political consultant Frank Chu speaks out about his support for London Breed and Gavin Newsom

As those familiar with San Francisco politics already know, Gavin Newsom has long supported the career of fellow corporate conservative London Breed.

Both have long had the aim of having the city better serve the needs of the area’s wealthy who can never be too greedy and never have enough and never have enough opportunity to remake San Francisco into a gated vertical community for the wealthy, a theme park for techies and tourists.

Here, notable political consultant Frank Chu, a legend among long-term residents, tells us why he supports Mayor London Breed and ex-Mayor and gubernatorial aspirant Gavin Newsom.

We hope that these two wonderful politicians will reward Chu’s fealty with an investigation into the Twelve Galaxies!

Frank Chu definitely needs to be paid for his work as a movie star. Breed and Newsom need to increase social equity in a way that only such stalwart progressives and civil rights-advocates can!

Spoiler: This is a fake photo!