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Isn’t this capitalism at work and not marijuana at work?

Isn’t this capitalism?

“Marijuana is a dangerous drug, with proven ability to destroy the brains of our youth and inflict irreparable harm on our natural resources.”

We here at believe that all drugs should be decriminalized and funds spent on education, deterrence and alternative arts instead. Newsom’s initiative is a plutocrat’s hobby, and it taxes and regulates it.

Shame on Contra Costa Times for publishing this twaddle.


Ugly Condo Building on Mission Street Received Subsidy from then-Mayor Gavin Newsom!

SF Weekly has a revealing article in which reporter Chris Roberts shows how this process happened:

But it wasn’t supposed to be this way. For a time, those condos were supposed to be a part of City College’s planned expansion — and, later, affordable housing.

Instead, the once-public property was flipped to the condo’s eventual developer after the former owner, a well-known restaurateur with political connections, whose purchase was partially financed with public money, stiffed his creditors.


But the winner was a $4.5 million offer from restaurant owner and then-Small Business Commissioner Gus Murad, a friend and political donor of former Mayor Gavin Newsom who already owned a building on the block — the five-story structure that housed Medjool, well-known as a hangout for city planning officials and political types (and that had somehow been able to build its rooftop deck higher than city zoning code allowed).

Blast From the Past : Harmon Leon at Newsom’s Election Party (2003)

Leon later lost his job for fictionalizing his account, so this may not be very accurate.

It remains, however, hilarious. Read it here


“My cousin would kill me if he finds out,” proclaims Gavin Newsom’s first cousin as she relays myriad stories about family gatherings with Gavin and the Gettys.

The Gonzalez supporters are still at it. A punk industrial band is now playing onstage. The Tamale Lady is here. The open bar has been drunk nearly dry. Gonzalez casually mingles among his beloved supporters — the atmosphere is sentimental, like the last night of summer camp.

Just shortly after arriving, Gavin Newsom’s first cousin asks to go back to my car so she can put on more makeup. She then tries to tear down a poster depicting Bush, Schwarzenegger and her first cousin that reads “The Holy Untrinity!”

“Will you mention my name in your article?” asks Gavin Newsom’s first cousin when we return to Gonzalez headquarters. “I want to be like Paris Hilton


LA Times Gets it Wrong on Gavin Newsom!

In an article entitled ” How Gavin Newsom keeps getting ahead of the pack,” reporter Cathleen Decker maintains that: ” Yes, the group loves Newsom, in large part because as mayor he pushed and signed into existence universal healthcare for city residents.”

This is untrue. San Francisco activist Larry Bush (of Friends of Ethics)  writes on Facebook that:

Someone needs to tell CNA that Newsom is NOT the author of SF’s health program, but tried to water it down. It was Tom AMMIANO’s legislation. Perhaps CNA should endorse Tom for Governor!”