Blast From the Past : Harmon Leon at Newsom’s Election Party (2003)

Leon later lost his job for fictionalizing his account, so this may not be very accurate.

It remains, however, hilarious. Read it here


“My cousin would kill me if he finds out,” proclaims Gavin Newsom’s first cousin as she relays myriad stories about family gatherings with Gavin and the Gettys.

The Gonzalez supporters are still at it. A punk industrial band is now playing onstage. The Tamale Lady is here. The open bar has been drunk nearly dry. Gonzalez casually mingles among his beloved supporters — the atmosphere is sentimental, like the last night of summer camp.

Just shortly after arriving, Gavin Newsom’s first cousin asks to go back to my car so she can put on more makeup. She then tries to tear down a poster depicting Bush, Schwarzenegger and her first cousin that reads “The Holy Untrinity!”

“Will you mention my name in your article?” asks Gavin Newsom’s first cousin when we return to Gonzalez headquarters. “I want to be like Paris Hilton