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Does Willie Brown Hold Gavin Newsom in Contempt?

Former SF Weekly writer Joe Eskenazi is now the chief rabble rouser for the liberal establishment monthly magazine, San Francisco Magazine. His piece on Willie Brown —  the man who made Gavin Newsom — is a must read!

Joe Eskenazi writes in San Francisco Magazine:

In the meantime, Brown can columnize about instituting transit policies that would, nakedly, benefit his rideshare-app client or promote his political creation Gavin Newsom as a potential Hillary Clinton running mate. (Perhaps coincidentally, Lieutenant Governor Newsom has pushed a San Bernardino County plan to allow the use of eminent domain to seize homeowners’ underwater mortgages—a plan that would enrich a company in which Brown is a partner. In private, and when not writing for the newspaper of record, confidants say Brown is far less charitable regarding Newsom’s abilities.)

Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom

Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom