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Newsom cynically creates “Winter of Love” meme to get campaign contributions!

Corporate-controlled San Francisco Chronicle details how Newsom, who struck a match for gay marriage in San Francisco (as long as your spouse is not an undocumented immigrant) is now, as expected, cynically using this accommplishment to raise funds for his campaign (so he can sell out working people)!

“The ad also highlights Newsom’s efforts to bring universal health care to San Francisco residents and being at the vanguard of 2016’s successful Proposition 63, which banned the possession of large-capacity firearm magazines and passed over the opposition of the powerful National Rifle Association.”

Does Newsom have the soul  anything out of conviction?

One doubts it!

These are nice liberal messages, but Newsom also privatized parks and persecuted the homeless during his Willie Brown-facilitated two terms as mayor.

Will the gullible fall for this?

You bet!

Air BnB and tech giants deluge Newsom with donations!

The San Jose Mercury News reports:

Other big supporters of Newsom include employees at the San Francisco private equity firm Tao Capital Partners, which has given $209,200 to the lieutenant governor, and the Wonderful Company, a Los Angeles-based holding company, which has donated $112,900. Other major boosters include workers at San Francisco companies such as cloud-computing giant Salesforce ($86,400) and Twitter ($84,800).


The company declined to comment on the  donations, which included maximum individual amounts of $56,400 contributed by Brian Chesky, the company’s chief executive; Laurence Tosi, Airbnb chief financial officer; and Stephen Conley, Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy. Newsom also received $56,400 from co-founder Joe Gebbia, and $250 from Laura Spanjian, Public Policy Director.

Capitol One Radio reports:

Newsom reported raising $4.6 million in the last half of 2017. Combined with money he raised earlier — including funds left over from his 2014 campaign for lieutenant governor — he has $19.5 million cash on hand.