Gavin Newsom vetoes sensible policies!

Likely because he feels that they might come to haunt him when he inevitably runs for president (and hopefully loses).

There is the veto of aid to destitute seniors who do not have documentation. Controversial in that the right wing might attack it.

Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed legislation late Sunday night that would have made undocumented seniors eligible for California’s cash assistance program. The bill, authored by Assemblyman Juan Carrillo, D-Palmdale, would have provided $1,100 to $1,900 per month to undocumented individuals who are blind, disabled or older than 65. Currently, California’s Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) is limited to people with eligible immigration status. The measure overwhelmingly passed the Legislature last month.

Then there is the veto of the sensible bill to provide free condoms to high school seniors. Again, the right might inflame hyesteria. Newsom, being none too intellectual himself, vetoed this bill.

The bill would have required all public schools that have grades nine through 12 to make condoms available for free to all students. It would have required public schools with grades seven through 12 to allow condoms to be made available as part of educational or public health programs.

The excuse was that the expense was too high. Yet, there were funds for electrifying buses.

Then there was the ban against decriminalizing psychedelics. There is no doubt the Scott Wiener is doing this so that corporations can profit through extract sales, but this is also a controversial move.

And the last thing Newsom wants is controversy!

But Newsom will support robo-trucks.

“I’m really hoping the robots take over sooner rather than later and give us increased safety,” Assemblymember Laura Friedman (D-Glendale), who chairs the body’s transportation committee, said during floor debate. Despite documented issues like vehicles stopping unexpectedly and blocking fire trucks, Friedman said, “DMV continues to issue permits for them to keep operating — I believe for profit reasons rather than public safety reasons.”

Do we see campaign contribution considerations involved here?

Finally, here is some cogent commentary from Jill Filipolic about Newsom’s overuse of his veto power.