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Smarmy San Francisco Elites Fund Newsom Campaign

This is excellent journalism by the LA Times!  The Chronicle would never touch this. They are the Pravda for the elites!

Significant here are the facts that:

a) Some of the families listed here also control the art museums (which they have treated as their personal fiefdoms).

b) The Pritzkers are also tied to Rahm Emmanuel and other corrupt Chicago elites. Astonishingly, Penny Pritzker was Obama’s Secretary of Commerce.

c) The Shultzes wrote a letter of support for new conservative neoliberal San Francisco Mayor London Breed. Some 60,000 of these were sent out to Republican voters.

d) Mark and Suzy Tomkins Buell are notorious. Buell, a developer, tried to bulldoze all of Mt. San Bruno. Suzy, who is banned from Esprit headquarters (a company she founded with her late ex-husband, who went on to found Patagonia) is HRC’s BFF and a solid supporter of corporate “lean in” “feminism.”

They have worked to privatize public parks in Marin and San Francisco through the use of “nonprofits.”



Political consultant Frank Chu speaks out about his support for London Breed and Gavin Newsom

As those familiar with San Francisco politics already know, Gavin Newsom has long supported the career of fellow corporate conservative London Breed.

Both have long had the aim of having the city better serve the needs of the area’s wealthy who can never be too greedy and never have enough and never have enough opportunity to remake San Francisco into a gated vertical community for the wealthy, a theme park for techies and tourists.

Here, notable political consultant Frank Chu, a legend among long-term residents, tells us why he supports Mayor London Breed and ex-Mayor and gubernatorial aspirant Gavin Newsom.

We hope that these two wonderful politicians will reward Chu’s fealty with an investigation into the Twelve Galaxies!

Frank Chu definitely needs to be paid for his work as a movie star. Breed and Newsom need to increase social equity in a way that only such stalwart progressives and civil rights-advocates can!

Spoiler: This is a fake photo!


It is important to note that Gavin Newsom was selected by elites to replace Willie Brown. Ed Lee worked under Willie Brown as City Manager, a post whose powers Brown had watered down substantially.

Before Ed Lee served as City Manager, he had been in charge of DPW, an agency now headed by Breed “mentor” Mohammed Nuru, who has presided over unconscionable sweeps of encampments inhabited by San Francisco’s abandoned people.

The essential players in the power structure, despite their horrific record (gentrification, eviction, displacement, outright tech colonialism of the city and its streets and commons) have not changed in decades.

San Francisco Magazine/Modern Luxury, says:

“After that, the Chinese share of the voting public continued to grow, providing Brown’s successor, Gavin Newsom, with his margin of victory in 2003. Newsom would prove less solicitous of the Chinese community than Brown, but by then it hardly mattered. The wheels were turning faster. The return to district elections in 2000 (replacing at-large elections, which had been in place since the 1978 assassinations of Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk) yielded a bumper crop of Chinese-American supervisors within the decade. And, of course, when Newsom ascended to Sacramento, he helped engineer the installation of Ed Lee as interim mayor—the new, extravagantly mustachioed face of the establishment.”


Travis Allen on Gavin Newsom

“If you can’t trust Gavin with your best friend’s wife, how can you trust him with the state?” — Travis Allen

This was said at the gubernatorial debate.

Newsom went to one woman, who runs Delancey Street, and was miraculously cured of alcoholism! (And cocaine abuse also?)

But there is also the controversy regarding Tippy Rourk’s payout for government service.

Unfortunately, all four Dem candidates voiced their support for the “high-speed rail” project, an insanely expensive boondoggle which is to run between SF and LA. (Don’t count on ordinary people being able to pay the fares!)

See Allen’s comments here.



Did Gavin Newsom betray undocumented migrants to ICE?

Gavin Newsom markets himself as a friend to undocumented migrants.

But is he really?

The Mercury News reports:


A fight over sanctuary policy a decade ago when Newsom was mayor of San Francisco suggests that he wasn’t always as strident a defender of immigrant rights.

In July 2008, Newsom imposed a city policy that reported undocumented youth arrested for felonies to federal immigration authorities. That decision — made the week after a father and his two sons were killed by an undocumented immigrant — meant that some kids were put at risk of deportation even if charges against them were later dropped.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to overturn Newsom’s policy in 2009, mandating that minors could only be referred to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement if they were convicted of a felony. But Newsom’s administration simply ignored the board, continuing to turn juvenile arrestees over to ICE for the rest of his term.

Meanwhile, according to emails obtained by the Bay Area News Group, Newsom’s administration also conducted a review of people in the city’s probation system and referred more than 350 suspected undocumented immigrants to ICE.

San Francisco immigrant advocates say Newsom’s record should call into question his commitment to defending California’s sanctuary policies.

“Don’t try to rewrite history and portray yourself as a champion of immigrants when you yourself were prominently involved with a policy that led to the separation of families,” said former Supervisor David Campos, who led the fight against Newsom on the issue.

Newsom cynically creates “Winter of Love” meme to get campaign contributions!

Corporate-controlled San Francisco Chronicle details how Newsom, who struck a match for gay marriage in San Francisco (as long as your spouse is not an undocumented immigrant) is now, as expected, cynically using this accommplishment to raise funds for his campaign (so he can sell out working people)!

“The ad also highlights Newsom’s efforts to bring universal health care to San Francisco residents and being at the vanguard of 2016’s successful Proposition 63, which banned the possession of large-capacity firearm magazines and passed over the opposition of the powerful National Rifle Association.”

Does Newsom have the soul  anything out of conviction?

One doubts it!

These are nice liberal messages, but Newsom also privatized parks and persecuted the homeless during his Willie Brown-facilitated two terms as mayor.

Will the gullible fall for this?

You bet!

Gavin Newsom offers bold leadership (or so he says)!

According to a recent article on SFGATE, Gavin Newsom has “the support of 31 percent of registered voters.”

This is hardly a mandate, as so many people neither register nor vote.

While equally-vapid and corporate interest-obsequious Villaraigosa “has support from about two-thirds of the state’s Latino voters”, he has done little to deserve this support.

“On high-speed rail, one of the governor’s signature issues, Newsom argued that while he supported the original plan, he has real concerns with the proposed rail system as it’s now proposed.”

Newsom simply is not giving any hint of what his views are on the disastrous imbroglio that is “high speed” rail.

Not only is this unlikely to ever get built (given the protests from wealthy landowners). it will also be extremely expensive.

What is needed instead is socialized, subsidized service that will allow people to travel at affordable rates around the states, with frequent service.

Providing very expensive but “faster” service to those of Gavin Newson’s class is simply bonkers!

“I’m not timid,” Newsom maintains.

That is correct: He has been very active in answering to the needs of the mega wealthy, their business interests, foundations and “nonprofits.”



Tim Redmond nails Gavin for pretending to “run on the left”

His shrewd analysis is here.

A short excerpt is here:


“I’m excited to head into the next phase of this campaign and want to make sure I represent everybody who’s part of this team. If I could only focus on one issue, what would you want it to be?”


I wrote: Economic justice, which means income and wealth redistribution and a tax system that doesn’t allow a few people to have billions while others are homeless in the streets. Do the opposite of what you did with Care Not Cash and create a guaranteed annual income.

Big Cannabis Donates to Gavin Newsom

As with this support for Gay Marriage. Newsom shrewdly supported the “legalization”of cannabis on a ballot initiative in the fall of 2016.

Just as his support for Gay Marriage garnered him campaign contributions from wealthy gays and lesbians, so his support for cannabis decriminalization (while taxing it and regulating its sale) has attracted donations from the “industry.”

The LA Times reports:

Some in the industry see Newsom as a candidate who listens to their concerns and will stick up for them. Although Newsom says he has never smoked marijuana himself, he was one of the first statewide officeholders to support legalization of recreational use.

The host of the Salinas fundraiser on March 3 was Indus Holding Company, maker of cannabis confections such as Toasted Rooster and Crispy Kraken chocolate bars.

Dinner gave way to a roundtable discussion among the 20 or so guests, who raised with Newsom some of the issues affecting their nascent businesses, according to interviews with multiple attendees.

Banking was a major topic that night, they said. Currently, the vast majority of banks and credit unions will not work with cannabis companies, because the federal government considers their revenue illegal. Some operate on an all-cash basis, and most lack the ability to find traditional financing.

A proposal discussed that night would have the state create a special bank that would serve the cannabis industry. Newsom has not taken a public position, but he expressed interest in the idea of a pot bank, three attendees said.

Newsom declined to be interviewed for this story.