Update: Will Gavin Newsom be impeached?

Down in Santee Countee, a controversy rages with conservative San Diego Mayor Minto taking on a liberal politician who is opposing the recall by calling supporters:

“Extremists, Conspiracy, Theorists, Neo-Nazis, Right Wing-Militia Groups and White Supremacists.”

Of course, many people have good reason to oppose Newsom’s policies. As with most other Democratic Party politicians, he serves the wealthy. Indeed, Newsom was selected and groomed by the Getty family. He is the cousin of Nancy Pelosi. Many of his policies have been far from liberal.

Many policies have also been controversial. Last month, Rhonda Huff wrote an open letter to Gavin Newsom calling for reform of post-Covid policies in old age homes:

“When asked how soon the dining rooms would be reopened the Napa County Health Department, replied recently, “…we are on track to enter the State’s less restrictive red tier, which means congregate dining facilities would be able to serve indoors again at 25% capacity. We are hopeful that a move to the red tier will occur in the coming weeks but the State will need to approve it based on current metrics.”

“Governor: Why countless “weeks” more? Why 25% capacity? We are talking about a dining room for an entirely vaccinated group of people who live in the same building and share the same air. Are you unable to immediately adapt to current conditions and address this critically urgent need?”

— Rhonda Huff

It is unclear who would replace Newsom, if he is impeached. The Republicans have funded the recall effort, so that may deter Democratic Party opponents to run. Last time around we had a top-tier Democrat choice of three nonentities. Newsom won, but would Villagraigosa or Chiang have been a better choice?

John Cox would definitely be worse than Newsom.