Politico: Newsom talks wealth with Musk

This conversation is really revealing!

Politico writes: But none of that was brought up on Wednesday. Musk cheerfully noted that Newsom was “one of the first to buy a Tesla Roadster back in the day” — noting he would have had to put down $100,000 to reserve one in 2007. That also means Newsom would have been one of the first Californians to buy an electric vehicle. According to data from the state’s energy commission, only 112 zero-emission vehicles had been sold by 2010.

“That was a healthy deposit you had to make,” Newsom said, joking he made the purchase “back when I had money.”

“That was a lot of money in 2007,” Musk said.

“It’s still a lot of money,” Newsom replied. “Trust me, brother, you haven’t looked at my salary … We had about the same net worth back then, 20 years ago.”