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Travis Allen on Gavin Newsom

“If you can’t trust Gavin with your best friend’s wife, how can you trust him with the state?” — Travis Allen

This was said at the gubernatorial debate.

Newsom went to one woman, who runs Delancey Street, and was miraculously cured of alcoholism! (And cocaine abuse also?)

But there is also the controversy regarding Tippy Rourk’s payout for government service.

Unfortunately, all four Dem candidates voiced their support for the “high-speed rail” project, an insanely expensive boondoggle which is to run between SF and LA. (Don’t count on ordinary people being able to pay the fares!)

See Allen’s comments here.



Gavin Newsom Privatized 55 Acres of Golden Gate Park!

Gavin Newsom privatized 55 acres of Golden Gate Park.

Once known as Strybing Arboretum, it is now known as the San Francisco Botanical Gardens and charges $7 admission.

If you go around behind the Hall of Flowers, however, you can find the gates open from Monday to Saturday until around 2:30 PM or sometimes later. (Vehicles line up at 3 PM to leave, and the gates are shut then. Prior to privatization, these gates were open until dusk.)

Head straight in and find the Native Plant Garden, a garden started by Menzies, Gavin Newsom’s grandfather. He must be rolling over in his grave now!

Gavin has a history of running away. 🙂

The frat boy has a way with the Gettys but an unfamiliarity with statistics.

Here is the story of the privatization:

Astonishingly, Michael McKechnie, the director who first tried to get permanent fees, now heads the Angel Island Immigration Foundation: