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Zula Jones characterizes Gavin Newsom as “arrogant”

“Jones noted that with the defeat of the “anti-business” progressives, Lee and his moderate, pro-business supporters had to “capture that and move very fast … We just need to pick up where we left off.”
Under Mayor Gavin Newsom, none of this had been possible, she said.
“Our previous mayor, Gavin Newsom, was a fuck-up because he was arrogant,” Jones said.
Mayor Lee, who Jones called an honest worker bee, had little political experience and had to be told to make sure people called him “Mr. Mayor” instead of just “Ed,” as he at first wanted.
“You gotta walk in front of me,” Jones said she told Lee. “You get this together, brother.”
Gavin Newsom with Shrimp Boy Chow below:

Gavin Newsom Privatized 55 Acres of Golden Gate Park!

Gavin Newsom privatized 55 acres of Golden Gate Park.

Once known as Strybing Arboretum, it is now known as the San Francisco Botanical Gardens and charges $7 admission.

If you go around behind the Hall of Flowers, however, you can find the gates open from Monday to Saturday until around 2:30 PM or sometimes later. (Vehicles line up at 3 PM to leave, and the gates are shut then. Prior to privatization, these gates were open until dusk.)

Head straight in and find the Native Plant Garden, a garden started by Menzies, Gavin Newsom’s grandfather. He must be rolling over in his grave now!

Gavin has a history of running away. 🙂

The frat boy has a way with the Gettys but an unfamiliarity with statistics.

Here is the story of the privatization:

Astonishingly, Michael McKechnie, the director who first tried to get permanent fees, now heads the Angel Island Immigration Foundation: